I've always used pop3 for my accounts, but I have one new account that
would be more convenient if I could set it up via the IMAP protocol.

I tried to set up the account as IMAP, but the incoming authorization
(according to gmail) seems to want "SSL", which is not listed in the
available authorization options for incoming mail.  Do I need a v7.x
Bat to get that option?  Or will this v6.x version work as well?

I'm still using a v6.x Bat on this computer. My main computer, which
has v7.x installed, isn't working properly at the moment, so I've been
using this other computer for a few months. As far as I know, I
purchased two different licenses for the two computers, and I don't
think I can "upgrade" this Bat without purchasing a new license.

I'm wondering - since the Bat with the newer license is on a
misbehaving computer at the moment, could I somehow use that license
to upgrade this instance of Bat?

In any event, I'd like to know if there's a way to set up this new
gmail account as IMAP on this machine with Bat v6.x.



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