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> Dear Richard,
> @1-Apr-2017, 8:20  +0100  (01-Apr 10:28 here) Richard L de S Clauson
> [RLD] in said to TBUDL:  
RLD>> Has anyone else received a "monthly reminder" for their TBUDL, TBDEV, 
RLD>> TBBETA mailing list membership from a different email address this 
> I did.
> ... <snip>
> ... <snip>
RLD>> Should I be worried that a different mail server is emailing me with my
RLD>> login details to the 3 The Bat! mailing lists?
> Not  at  all  in this instance. During March, Johannes contacted me to
> let  me  know  that  the  current hosting server would be changing for
> various  technical reasons. Clearly, the new mailman server is sending
> out  reminders  in  tandem  with  the original. I will mention this to
> Johannes  and see why two reminders were sent. It seems to me that the
> old  server, while no longer responsible for sending out the list mail
> itself,  is  still  running  and  thus  sent the old list subscription
> reminders.

Thanks Marck for confirming that this all part of something happening in the 
background.  I'm still glad I raised it so both the members know, and any 
final tweaks can be carried out behind the scenes.

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