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Tom wrote:

> just wonder how to best restore some messages.
> I  used  an  image  to  roll back my pc for 2 days and as expected the
> messages for these two days are now gone.
> I  do have a backup run via TB having everything in there as well as a
> copy  of  the  those folders in TB that had new emails. I have quite a
> few  email  accounts  but due to the weekend only two accounts had new
> mail.
> So I wonder if I can "surgically" replace a folder like XYZ Known with
> all  it's  contents and leave the rest of the TB folder tree untouched
> or do I need to run a full restore from my TBArchive?

You can rename the .tbb file in the mail directory of that account.
Then copy the .tbb from the folder that you had backed into that
location instead.

Close TB! before you do all this. When you reopen it, all mails should
be there.



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