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> Hello MFPA,

> On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 you wrote:

M>> Hi

M>> What is  useful for?

M>> It generates a QR code from text, but I can't see
M>> a way to decode a QR
M>> code. The "send email" function in the QR
M>> generatoe does not appear to
M>> do anything. Pasting a QR Code into an
M>> HTML-formatted email gives me
M>> an access violation.

> Well I was going to be clever and compose this reply
> then generate a QR code of
> the text, which I did. The following is what I received:

> Your mail to 'TBUDL' with the subject

>     Re: The Bat!'s QR Code generator?

> Is being held until the list moderator can review it
> for approval.

> The reason it is being held:

>     Message body is too big: 216308 bytes with a
> limit of 25 KB

> Either the message will get posted to the list, or
> you will receive
> notification of the moderator's decision.  If you
> would like to cancel
> this posting, please visit the following URL:

> https://hosting.0x539.de/mailman/confirm/tbudl/030c0476716f3c505bd8131f2a4025852284bd3d

> So, whether or not you receive it remains to be seen.
> I had never used this
> feature before and was curious as to whether or not I
> would get an access
> violation as you did. I did not.  

I get Access violation at address 00000000005173AB in module 'thebat64.exe'. 
Read of address 0000000000000000

I get this consistently by pasting the QR Code into a message in the HTML 
editor and either pressing "send" or just waiting 15-30 seconds.

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