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>   Anybody have a suggestion(s) as to how to most effeciently convert a
>   POP account to IMAP with syncing existing TB sub-folders?  Or a 
>   clear source for that information?

I am not sure whether you can sync with existing TB sub-folders - you
would need to create these in the IMAP account, and then copy across
existing messages. You could write a sorting office rule to copy
messages in other sub-folders into your IMAP account in TB
automatically, I guess, from where they would be synchronised. Any
filtering done in the IMAP account in TB should be reflected back in
the IMAP account, as long as you are filtering to folders in that

I  generally do server-side filtering these days, as it means that the
filtering   works  from any device, not just TB. That said, I am lucky
that  my  mail  provider (FastMail) provides a comprehensive filtering
language that enables this.


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