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> 2/19/2018  3:19 PM

> Hi Gene,

> On 2/19/2018 Gene Kearns wrote:

GK>> Hello Paul,

GK>> Thanks Paul, that will change all fonts *except* those few
GK>> folders that don't match all of the other folders.

GK>> Inbox
GK>> ---------Folder 1   [Will Change]
GK>> ---------Folder 2   (Odd Font) [Won't Change]
GK>> ---------Folder 3   [Will Change]

GK>> It is like Folder 2 does not listen to
GK>> Options-Preferences>System>Account Tree Font

Right-click->>Properties->General  and rename the folder...

I wish I could say that worked, but they are IMAP folders
and I had to use the "IMAP" commands. That appeared to work,
but I quickly found that instead of "Renaming" the folder,
it created another folder with the new name leaving the old
one somewhat intact. To make a long story short, the only
way I got The Bat! back was to restore a backup.

Upon restoration of just messages, I have the weird zombie
font thing still going on.....

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