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>> I found on the internet that Outlook stores the mails in a .pst file.

> Yes.  AFAIK  only  one  .pst  file,  which  includes all email, folder
> structure, etc.

>> Can I point TB! to that file, like I would point it to a .TBB file?

> I have no idea Thomas, sorry. Outlook was never installed in any of my
> computers. But I think it wouldn't hurt to try.

What  I  did  was install TB! on the former coworker's laptop and then
used the import wizzard to import from Outlook.

Next,  I  made  a  backup of that account as .tbk file, and then moved
that file (via USB stick) to my computer.

All  mails,  including  the  folder  structure,  were imported without
problems, and even the account data.



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