Hello TBUDL'ers,

My wife has been getting these https://preview.tinyurl.com/y725jbda certificate
warnings which *seem* to be somehow connected to emails from The New York Times
newsletters. The problem is that you can't get past the warning. I almost always
have to use Task Manager to shut down TB because the warning just won't go away.
Sometimes even after shutting down TB with Task Manager, when TB is re-started,
the same thing immediately happens and I can't get past the warning. I got lucky
once and somehow managed (by clicking on "YES", "NO" or "VIEW CERTIFICATE") to
get past the warning and once again have access to TB and immediately deleted
all emails from The NYT. That seems to have cured the problem at least until the
next NYT newsletter. These emails do not come in daily so it's not something
easily reproduce-able.

I'm beginning to suspect that the warnings may be triggered by each NYT email
so even if I follow all the instructions for the warning on screen, others await
in any other NYT emails because it hasn't happened since I deleted ALL the NYT
emails from her inbox.

Any insights into how to handle this will be greatly appreciated.

Jack LaRosa

Using TB! 6.0.12
OS: Win 10 v6 Build: 9200

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