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On Monday, July 9, 2018, 10:02:24 PM, Tom wrote:

>  yes,  I  realise  what they are and squinting long enough can get the
>  relevant  information  out of the gibberish being served but I agree,
>  ideally  TB  should  make  them  readable  in  an  easy txt format. I
>  understand that the program does not have a calendar function and
>  I am fine with that but most of my partners do use outlook and
>  assume everyone else is too.

I use my phone email client to handle .ics files, as it displays them
in an easy to read format, and adds them to my Google calendar,
handling the invite response effectively too. It would be good it TB!
could do something similar (if just the display of the invite in a
readable format).


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