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M> Hi all,

M> Do Roguemoticons no longer work, is it just me, or is there an option
M> I may have inadvertently turned off?

M> I have the X-Rogue header in my outgoing emails but no longer see my
M> Roguemoticon image in the header pane when viewing my messages. I have
M> the rogues.msl file present in my Program Files\The Bat!\Images
M> directory, and also the rogues folder containing the images.

M> I asked a similar question nearly two years ago [0] and didn't see a
M> response. A search for the X-Rogue header on my mailbase shows that
M> since my April 2017 query, as well as my messages it has also still
M> been included in messages from Greg Strong, Marck Pearlstone, Mark
M> Partous, MAU, Peter Hampf, Robin Anson, Volker Ahrendt, and Thomas
M> Fernandez. In the previous two years the list also included Stuart
M> Cuddy, Rick <rg...@grunwalds.com>, Peter Meyns, Jack S. LaRosa, and
M> Feli Wilcke. If any of you are reading this, do you still see 
M> Roguemoticon images in the header pane?

M> [0] 
M> https://www.mail-archive.com/tbudl@thebat.dutaint.com/msg103567.html 

To answer your last question, nope. I haven't seen a Rougemoticon in several

Jack LaRosa
Central Alabama USA

Using TB! 6.0.12
OS: Win 10 v6 Build: 9200

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