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> I am hoping and praying that this is some other way for
> TheBat to thread messages that is independent of and
> more reliable than similarity of subject lines.

The standard way of threading is by the References header. 

TB! has nine threading options, seven of which ignore the Subject 

> and I would want to get rid of the external tag and the
> space before (or after) it.

I'm not sure you can edit the Subject within TB! for an incoming or
received message. [0] shows an example of two filters and a batch
command to export the message, edit in a text editor, and import the
message back to TB!. Note it is called "Editing received messages 
without changing the headers" so you might need to adapt it to be able 
to edit the Subject header.

If you want to automatically clean the subject line when you reply to
their messages, you could probably adapt the example at [1] for your needs.

I have not tried any of these myself. The links below are to a Wayback
Machine archived copy because the page because the original page is 
currently unavailable.



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