Please explain how this works.   

What is S/MIME?
What is OpenPGP?

Currently the bar reads "S/MIME + OpenPGP (auto)"

What is happening automatically?

There are also a picture of a locak and a green "Sign when complete" button to 
the right of the S/MIME + Open PGP (auto) bar.   What do those buttons do?

If I went to send an encrypted message to a client.  What are the steps that 
would permit me to do that?

I apologize, in advance, if this is discussed in a help file, but I could not 
find a coherent discussion.



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M> Hi

M> On Wednesday 22 May 2019 at 6:59:30 AM, in
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>> For what it is worth, the bar at the bottom of the
>> message window,
>> on the far right reads "S/MIME + OpenPGP (auto)."   
>> Does this have
>> anything to do with what I want to do?  

M> Yes.


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