Hello Tbudl,

My friend (using TB!v7.4.16, 64bit) came to me with a problem: One of
his accounts is suddenly password protected. The password he has to
use to open the folder list in TB! is his password for GMX.

So, he must have keyed it in somewhere, added a password to that
account by mistake. Now he asked me how to change that back, so that
he can access the account without having to key in the password every

I checked around in Account / Properties but couldn't find anything.

I tried to create a new account and just copy the messages.tbb files,
but that didn't work; apparently, these files are encrypted (which
makes sense, otherwise the password protection would be useless).

So, this is not a case of lost password: He knows the password. The
question is how to change the password, or rather how to change the
account not to be password protected any more.

Can anybody help?



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