Last night I attempted to access the "send" folder of one of my primary e-mail 
account.    It only holds 3,145 messages.  The in-box for this account has 
22,481 messages, and  another folder within this account has 5,700 messages.   
However, I received an error messages as follows:

Access violation at address 00000000007D551A in module
'thebat64.exe'. Read of address 000008001E09EE38

This problem only manifested with this folder and no other.  The in-box of this 
account was fine, as were the sent-mail folders of the other accounts that I 
checked.  I have over a dozen different e-mail accounts.  I did not check all 
of them.   

I tried to access sent mail several times to no avail.  I then opened up the 
maintenance center and ran the maintenance tool for all accounts  About 11 GB 
of space was freed up and I was able to access the sent mail folder for this 

Today, I attempted to again access the sent mail folder for this same account, 
and received nearly the exact same error message.  This time, the "Read 
address" is slightly different.     So, I ran the maintenance tool, again.   
The same error message appears.    I will close all files and reboot to see if 
this fixes anything.   But, does anyone know why this is happening and how it 
can be fixed?


Avram Sacks, using The Bat! Pro ver. 7.1.18 on Win 7 Pro 

Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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