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Thanks Mau,

>>     The three filters I have (Account--> Sorting Office/Filters)
>> have the following result actions:

> But  what  or  where  are  they?  Incoming, Outgoing, Read, Replied or
> Selective download?

Everything is Incoming Mail., as are all my filters.  I forgot to mention it, 
as it is my norm.

I would like for TheBat! to handle manual filtering without HotKeys, or being 
concerned with Read or Replied, but I have not seen that function.  For 
comparison, Eudora has a simple Incoming, Outgoing, Manual checkbox choices for 
any filter.  For manual you highlight the group of messages  and then "Filter 
Messages", only the manual filters are checked.  One purpose of a manual filter 
is a two-tier system, lots of stuff in to a combined box, and then filter to 
the permanent individual boxes.  Since TheBat! has virtual folders, there is 
not a compelling need, but it is a clean and workable methodology.

> It  would  also  help  to  actually  see  one of those filters. In the
> sorting  office,  select one of them, right click and Copy. Then paste
> it in a message to this list.

True, this might help.  
Two pics should show up here:


Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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