On 26 August 2019 at 10:25 MFPA wrote and made these points

M> Is TBUDL using a new hosting domain?

M> The posts I received today have the reply-to set as
M> tb...@web3.networkexchange.de instead of the usual
M> tbudl@thebat.dutaint.com. 

M> Is this kosher, or has something gone wrong?

My  apologies for not noticing this sooner. Yes, we have migrated to a
new  physical  server within the same rack. The migration was supposed
to have been seamless, but there have been a couple of quirks.

I have now corrected the "preferred domain" setting so this should now
be corrected.

Cheers -- Marck D Pearlstone -- List moderator and fellow end user
TB! v8.8.9.9 (ALPHA) on Windows 10.0.17763 

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