Hello Bats,

    Converting to a new system seems to be in the air. 
    I'm switching from laptops (Win 7, Linux, & MacBook) to a
    desktop computer. with Win 7 Pro on C: and Linux Ubuntu on D.
    There will be a data drive E to store data from the other two
    I have two questions: a) Can The Bat! be configured to run on
    the C and D drives with both using the same version? b) Can
    they both use the same data drive E:?
    IIRC I am running version 6 because it was the most stable
    version going through Crossover for this Mac. My partner is
    running version 7.0.56 on a Linux, so it seems I will be upgrading
    to version 7.0.56 and the current Ubuntu version. Will this version
    of The Bat! run on Win 7 Pro?

Best regards,

~~Running MacBook Pro, macOS 10.13.6, and emailing with The Bat!
6.0.12, using Crossover.

Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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