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MR> Thanks for getting back to me so quickly,

You are most welcome.

MR>>> Now, is there a way for me to transfer all my folders, filters, etc.
MR>>> from my current POP3 account into this new IMAP account/folder?

>> This  is  something I remember doing by dragging messages from the pop
>> folders into the IMAP ones, one folder at a time. It was painful.

MR> I'm using Windows 10.  Do I accomplish this via Windows Explorer?  Or
MR> within TB?  How do I get all my filters and templates transferred?  Is
MR> that even possible?

I  mean  within  TB itself. Filters and templates - copy / paste. It's
arduous  and  time consuming, but one off - especially if you make use
of Common filters and Quick Templates.

MR> Also, I'm noticing something peculiar with checking messages via the
MR> IMAP account...

MR> The "Connection Centre" doesn't pop up on-screen automatically as it
MR> does when I check for new mail in my POP accounts, but apparently, it
MR> does open (have to click on it to show on-screen). However, it says
MR> it's in "IDLE mode", and I have to "abort all" and manually close the
MR> "Connection Centre", or it will just sit there, apparently doing
MR> nothing.

Not something I use, so I can't help with that.

Cheers -- Marck D Pearlstone -- List moderator and fellow end user
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