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M> Hello Chris,

>> I  have  managed  to find and download v 5.8.8 Home edition, if I load
>> that and overwrite the bat.exe file with the one from my current 5.8.10
>> will  that  upgrade  5.8.8  to  my  current 5.8.10 version?

M> I  am  quite  sure  it  will. v5.8.8 is a (legacy) release (.msi file)
M> while 5.8.10 is not (does not appear in the list at Ritlabs.com). So, I
M> assume  it was a "beta release" (.exe file, actually a .rar one) and it
M> can be used to overwrite 5.8.8.

This  does  indeed  work  fine,  but I have two fairly minor issues. I
can't get back my Folder View modes and my Colour Groups, would anyone
know  which  files I need to grab from the old installation to copy to
the  new  one?  I  am  guessing  they  are  not in the Mail folder and
subfolders  as  I  copied  them  direct onto my D: Drive and pointed a
fresh  install  f  v5.8.8  onto my C: Drive, pointing it at the copied
MAIL  and  sub  folders  on  D:  So maybe some files from the old root
folders  need  copying?  Recreating  these  two  settings is proving a
nightmare! Thanks for the help :)


Chris Wilson

"Using The Bat! v5.8.10 on Windows 7 6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1"


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