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Hi Tbudl,

On 9/3/2019 tbudl@thebat.dutaint.com wrote:

jlttcu> Hello Thomas Fernandez,

jlttcu> On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 2:21:55 PM, Thomas Fernandez wrote:

>> ...and now it's gone. Weird.

>> Can someboy lese using GMX please test this, so that we can see
>> whether they cut trailing blanks in order to "improve" customer
>> experience?

jlttcu> I don't use GMX, but looking through other messages on the list,
jlttcu> messages from Chris Wilson and Feli Wilke also appear to come via GMX
jlttcu> (using a different domain name in Chris' case) and are also missing
jlttcu> the space, so it does look like it could be a GMX issue.

jlttcu> Thomas, if you DM me a reply, I can check to see whether the space is
jlttcu> missing from that, which will rule out the list software doing
jlttcu> something to messages via GMX.

What causes GMX to perceive that they authority to edit ANY message???

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