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> Hello Andrew,

>> CTRL-Z is a mnemonic for "Undo". I was expecting that it would undo 
>> the deletion and move message back to where it was.

> And it works as such when you are in the Editor window.

> When  you  delete  a  message,  at least with POP accounts (don't know
> about  IMAP)  it  is actually just "marked for deletion" and it is not
> moved to Trash. When you delete messages in a folder, you can actually
> see  them  if   you  select "Folder/Browse deleted messages" from the
> main  menu. Then, deleted messages (marked for deletion) are displayed
> with  a  "strike  through"  line.  You can then select any of them and
> click 'Undelete' from the right click context menu.

Interesting, didn't know such function exists. Executed on "Inbox"
with a multitude of subfolders, it shows messages from the root _and_
all child nodes. Is it possible to restrict it to currently selected 
folder only?

I use POP3 if it matters.


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