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> Right,  but  Ctrl+Z  is  actually and generally an
> "Undo" last action.
> What  if you delete several messages and after a few
> minutes, or hours
> or  days,  you  realize you erroneously deleted
> one/some of them. What
> should  Ctrl+Z do then? 

I can't answer for Andrew but immediately after selecting several
messages at once and deleting them together, I would expect Ctrl+Z to
restore them all.

Immediately after deleting several messages one at a time, I would
expect Ctrl+Z to restore the last one deleted, then another Ctrl+Z to
restore the previous one deleted, and so on until no further actions
are stored to undo.

> But, even after a restart,
> you can browse your
> deleted messages and select the one(s) you want to
> undelete.  

Depending on your "Compact folders on exit" and "empty trash folder on 
exit" settings.

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