Hello Tom,

Peter's suggestions should work just fine for you.

I keep my TB data files on a separate hard drive/partition. And have gone 
through the same exercise you are encountering. I usually do a backup in TB and 
move the files over via the backup to keep things in sync.

If you install TB in the new machine and open TB it will look for a TBK. 
1) If you want your data in the normal default location just open the new 
install of TB without allowing it to bring over the TBK info or setting up any 
account. That will establish the default data directory. Then point TB to your 
TBK and it will bring over everything to the default location.
2) If you want you data in another location, give TB that location during 
set-up or go back into the installed TB and change the mail directory (under 
Options, Preferences, System) to the location you want. Then have TB import 
your TBK file.

Your choice on which method you prefer.

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