Hello Tom,

T> thank you for your assistance. When you refer to the tbk file that's  the  
backup  files,  right?  
       Yes, the TBK file is the Bat backup file. To prepare for moving, I would 
first go to the Folder Maintenance Center and run everything. That will 
compress your files and to hopefully assure that everything is aligned. Then I 
would run a new full backup just to use for the transfer rather than relying on 
your existing weekly backup.

T> Will that include also my templates?
       Yes, your TBK backup should include your templates, account information, 
address book, everything. Just make sure that you have checked all the boxes 
including global for the backup.

T> Do you think one or the other method is safer?
       I think transferring via the TBK backup is safer and cleaner . . . when 
it works (it usually does). Running the Maintenance Center first should help 
insure this. If it doesn't work, it is probably because of corruptions in your 
files that weren't fixed by running Maintenance. Then Peter's method of copying 
the data directory over will work, quite probably bringing the file corruptions 
       Remember, you still have the original data files and, 
probably/hopefully, a normal system backup of the same as insurance.
Hope this helps.       

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