Last summer I posted a query about how to encrypt messages.   The response left 
me more confused than when I started, so, I decided to carry on, as usual.  

M> On Tuesday 4 June 2019 at 3:08:56 AM, in
M> <mid:302466858.20190603210...@gmail.com>, Avram Sacks wrote:-

>> If I went to send an encrypted message to a client.  What are the
>> steps that would permit me to do that?

>> I apologize, in advance, if this is discussed in a help file, but I
>> could not find a coherent discussion.

MFPA responded:

M> Did you try, under Privacy and Security, The section called OpenPGP or
M> the section called S/MIME? They are not the clearest but are worth a
M> read. And maybe do a little research on the internet. Then come back
M> with more specific questions.

However, I now have a colleague who insists on using a web-based portal for 
messages that is driving me crazy and prevents me from using The Bat! as a 
repository for client correspondence with our mutual client.  So, I want to 
counter with an offer to use The Bat's features that would allow for message 
encryption.   So, I am going to try and give this another shot. 

I am not a Luddite, but The Bat's instructions were clearly written by someone 
who makes too many assumptions about the reader's understanding.

What I would like to be able to do is send password-protected messages that can 
only be opened by the receiving party who has the password.  Is that what this 
process does?  Secondly, since I am the only one who used my computer, and it's 
location is secure, I have not encrypted my message base and do not wish to do 
so, now.  

So, in order to send password-protected messages, do I select "Enable S/MIME" 
(which is already selected), and then "encrypt when completed"?  

If so, will this only impact the message being sent and no other subsequent 
In order to avoid having encrypted messages in my send folder, do I then need 
to open the message and decrypt it and then save the decrypted message?

I send a message that is encrypted, how will the recipient, who does not use 
The Bat, decrypt it?

The instructions for "Open PGP" states "First of all you should download, 
install and set up the preferred OpenPGP program."   WHAT(!) program?   Do I 
need to do this if all I am doing is encrypting a single message to a single 

Finally, I am currently using ver 7.4.16, and it has worked fine for me.   Is 
there any need to upgrade in order to accomplish what I want to do vis a vis 
password protection of specific messages?



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