Hello Christopher,

Thank you for the well-constructed and informative message, I just
wanted to add one small point to the below:

>> What I would like to be able to do is send password-protected
>> messages that can only be opened by the receiving party who has the
>> password. Is that what this process does?

> Neither S/MIME encryption nor Open PGP encryption password protect a
> message. (Encryption doesn't require password protection, and
> password protection doesn't imply encryption.)

> S/MIME and Open PGP use asymmetric cryptography (public & private
> keys). There is no "shared secret" or password between the two of you.

> A shared password would be a use of symmetric cryptography. I'm not
> aware of an email encryption standard that uses symmetric cryptography.

It is *technically* possible to use GPG in symmetric mode for messaging 

$ echo "Hello World" > cleartext
$ gpg -o encrypted -c cleartext

...Then one needs to wrap the routine above into something palatable for
e-mail usage. I could imagine doing it with (neo)mutt et al., but not
with TheBat.


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