Hello Maxim,

On Thu, 9 Apr 2020 15:49:58 +0300 GMT (09-Apr-20, 19:49 +0700 GMT),
Maxim Masiutin via TBUDL wrote:

> Hello Thomas,

> Thursday, April 9, 2020, 2:44:31 PM, you wrote:

>>>09-Apr-20, 18:37:07: FETCH - Issuer: generated by avast! antivirus for 
>>>SSL/TLS scanning, avast! Web/Mail Shield, avast! Web/Mail Shield Root.
>> !09-Apr-20, 18:37:08: FETCH - TLS protocol error: Internal error 
>> BuildClientKeyExchange.

> Are you sure that you have indeed updated Avast? What version of
> Avast are you using? We've got information from one persion that
> after he updated Avast today, the BuildClientKeyExchange error vanished.

Yes I did, and restarted the computer.
Program version 20.2.2401 (build 20.2.5130.567)

However, I just switched the servers back to googlemail.com and now
there is no problem. I'll watch it, as it was also intermittent in the
past, and will report if the problem occurs again.



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