I am fighting the battle with the quirks of TheBat! interface and it
seems like I am not exactly winning here.

The interface is not adaptive and riddled with tiny annoying glitches 
that get on your nerves daily. I am aware of the "switch to summary view"
option, that is not it.

If I have to summarise, the most annoying ones are:

[1] Lack of "automatic" width scaling. Ever used Total Commander? Does
    not matter what windows size is, there are no ugly gaps on the sides.
    If window is resized, TC would automatically adjust width of the
    "Name" column while leaving Date/Extension/Size the same. If window 
    is resized back to its initial scale - TC returns to precisely the 
    same layout without user's intervention. Logical? Yes, very much so.
    What TheBat offers instead? You have guessed it right, horizontal
[2] Column width is constantly changing when switching between folders 
    that share the same "View Mode". I have no logical explanation here. 
    Have tried to delete all custom views and set two folders to the "No 
    View Mode" setting - still the same, width of columns changes 
    seemingly at random.

[3] Daily "access violation" errors. Most of them refer to thebat64.exe
    attempting to utilize non-existing object (reading FFFFFF/000000).
    Logs and screenshots submitted to Mantis.

While I do not want to complain, this situation leaves me questioning
own life choices.

I have paid for a commercial software in hope it will offer certain
advantages over an open-source and free-as-in-beer MUA* I have been
using previously.

To the day, it has been a fight with non-operational GPG (v8 builds),
appalling testing of releases (or lack thereof) and above-mentioned
interface nuisances.

* Claws Mail.


Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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