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TF> FWIW, I have two gmail accouints, one uses the servers gmail.com and
TF> the other googlemail.com. The problem is not intermittent any more,
TF> but it is now reliably producable on both computers:

>>11-Apr-20, 10:49:02: FETCH - Issuer: generated by avast! antivirus for 
>>SSL/TLS scanning, avast! Web/Mail Shield, avast! Web/Mail Shield Root.
TF> !11-Apr-20, 10:49:03: FETCH - TLS protocol error: Internal error 

TF> I still believe it is caused by avast, though.

I do not usually run current versions of anything, so my TB! is I also have Avast. We find this problem intermittently. 
While I am not at all technically adept, we have lived with this 
because we believe it is coming from the Server (Hostica or 
Lunarpages). However, we had not considered that it could be 
coming from Avast... Even that is not up to date. My OS is 
Win7Pro., on Panasonic CF-31. 


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