I am coming late to this "party," having been offline since April 8.  I use
The Bat for 18 e-mail accounts:   5 private domains, a dormant Yahoo
account, and 12 Gmail accounts.   Beginning April 7 I have been unable to
send mail from any of the Gmail accounts.   The error message is "The
server has aborted the connection."  and, like everyone else, the log file
shows "TLS handshake failure. Invalid server certificate (The certificate
cannot be used for this purpose."

I have never used Avast.  I use Bitdefender and have done so for nearly 6
years and I use The Bat  ver. 7.4.16.  Not version 8 and not version 9.
 My wife has a separate installation of The Bat on her computer (ver
5.8.8), with the same 12 Gmail accounts.    Curiously, she doesn't seem to
have any problem sending e-mail from at least two of the 12 Gmail
accounts.  We haven't checked the other 10 accounts.    Because I access
this forum from a gmail account, I am only able to send this e-mail because
I have accessed my gmail account online.

Reading  through this thread it appears that a definitive solution has yet
to be found and it seems that updating to the latest version has its own
problems.    Maxim may have fixed the problem for ver 9.1.10, but it sounds
like ver 9 has other problems.   So, can this problem be fixed from those
of us with earlier versions?  I would not object to upgrading to ver 9, but
it seems that there are other problems with ver. 9.   Should I revert to
ver. 5.8.8?


Avram Sacks, using The Bat! Pro ver. 7.1.18 on Win 7 Pro
Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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