Hello Assad,

On Sun, 12 Apr 2020 13:25:24 +0400 GMT (12-Apr-20, 16:25 +0700 GMT),
Assad Baroot wrote:

>>>     Maxim wrote this in the list of changes in version 9.1.10:
>>>     [-] The Bat! did require "Key Encipherment" or "Key Agreement" in
>>>     "Key Usage" certificate attribute for TLS even if the certificate
>>>     was only used to sign ephemeral keys to provide perfect forward
>>>     secrecy. If a server only supports perfect forward secrecy TLS
>>>     cipher suites, the certificate used by this server may have no
>>>     "Key Encipherment" or "Key Agreement" in the "Key Usage"
>>>     attribute.

M>> I  wish  I could understand what all that means, sounds "like Chinese"
M>> to me.

>      I don't understand either but since this version, I no longer get
>      the   TLS  error.  I  suppose  Maxim  wanted  to say he fixed the
>      certificate problem.

Not working in this version. Since it is not avast (MAU and Avrim
confirmed that they don't use it), I have opened open a bug report:



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