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> Andrew Savchenko:

>> Hello Paul,
>> Friday, April 10, 2020, 7:43:01 AM, you wrote:
>> >>> I'm comfy with the late v.8, I would appreciate very much if I could 
>> >>> downgrade
>> >>> and keep on with that while v.9 grows mature.
>> S>> I wholeheartedly agree!
>> S>> The customization, where even available, doesn't stick. It reverts
>> S>> back to the default after each restart!
>> > The behavior is the same here.
>> Latest v8 beta available in public:
>> https://mega.nz/file/JktHDQDT#zki2R-F6loABaYNkKeVa_H5nPtPt4Wg9QaMEUDH9KSk
>> http://uploaded.net/file/gvpoinfr

> It won't work!

Good to hear. Don't download from unauthrotised sites.

> A new 8.x release should be issued to solve the problem. I cannot
> see any on the beta list.

Here are the release versions: 
The release version of v8 was issued after *all* the betas for v8. Why
you want to download a beta version with bugs that there fixed in the
release is beyond me.

If you are interested in contributing to beta testing though, it will
be better to subscribe to TBBETA and get the versions from Ritlabs
rather than from some unauthorised sites where you don't know what you
actually download.



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