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On Monday, April 20, 2020, at 1:49:08 AM PST, you wrote:

>> I really don't know what happened, but all of a sudden, the main
>> inbox of my one IMAP account (my main email account!) is EMPTY!

> I don't know much about IMAP accounts, never used one but, wasn't
> that the idea of IMAP, to keep all email at the server?

That's what I thought.  I called my email server provider late last
night, and they were able to provide at least a partial solution for
the moment (restored email in that folder going back as far as 7
March, 2020 -- though I've been using this IMAP installation since
August, 2019).  I'm still waiting to hear about what happened to the

Next week, they'll be migrating me to what they say will be a better
version of IMAP-like protocol -- "Exchange"?  I guess I'll see what
happens moving forward.

> Is it an gmail account? Have you tried logging in from a browser and
> see?

Not gmail. Nor is it the account through which I'm sending this
message. It's on my own domain. It's a service I've had through
GoDaddy for many years now (POP3 until last August, when I decided to
give IMAP a try).

In any event, I'm happy to have the most recent emails restored, and
will see what happens in trying to recover the rest.  Thanks for your


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