Hello Melissa,

On Mon, 20 Apr 2020 10:54:22 -0800 GMT (21-Apr-20, 1:54 +0700 GMT),
Melissa Reese wrote:

>>> I really don't know what happened, but all of a sudden, the main
>>> inbox of my one IMAP account (my main email account!) is EMPTY!

>> I don't know much about IMAP accounts, never used one but, wasn't
>> that the idea of IMAP, to keep all email at the server?

> That's what I thought.  I called my email server provider late last
> night, and they were able to provide at least a partial solution for
> the moment (restored email in that folder going back as far as 7
> March, 2020 -- though I've been using this IMAP installation since
> August, 2019).  I'm still waiting to hear about what happened to the
> rest.

> Next week, they'll be migrating me to what they say will be a better
> version of IMAP-like protocol -- "Exchange"?  I guess I'll see what
> happens moving forward.

Between IMAP, POP and Exchange, Exchange is the worst. My university
uses it, and I fought with it for a while, but was happy when I found
out that the Microsoft Exchange server now also supports IMAP and POP.
Besides, Exchange uses a proprietary protocol, and TheBat has no native
support for it (any more).

>> Is it an gmail account? Have you tried logging in from a browser and
>> see?

> Not gmail. Nor is it the account through which I'm sending this
> message. It's on my own domain. It's a service I've had through
> GoDaddy for many years now (POP3 until last August, when I decided to
> give IMAP a try).

Yes, I also tried IMAP with one account for a while, just to get a
feel for it. I'm back to POP only. However, there are some people on
this list who prefer IMAP.



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