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> Besides, Exchange uses a proprietary protocol, and
> TheBat has no native
> support for it (any more).

Has support been removed recently? My "Create New Account" wizard in
TB! v8.8.2.5 still has the option of "MAPI(Microsoft Exchange)", the
other two options being "Auto" and "IMAP or POP".

> I'm back to POP only. However, there are
> some people on
> this list who prefer IMAP.

Couldn't you have "best of both" by using IMAP but having TB! copy all
messages to a local archive folder? That way, you could have the local
message store but still access all of your email from multiple devices
using a proper mail client. Or am I missing something?

> --

The trailing space seems to have dropped off your cut mark. At least 
in the copy I received.

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