4/22/2020  8:32 AM

Hi Thomas,

On 4/22/2020 Thomas Fernandez wrote:

TF> Quote: "The Bat! MSI installation package no longer include EWS DLL
TF> files. As a result, The Bat! would not support Exchange Web Services
TF> (EWS) protocol until you manually download a DLL and store it un the
TF> same directory where thebat32.exe/thebat64.exe resides.


TF> I see you are talking about MAPI, not EWS.

>> Couldn't you have "best of both" by using IMAP but having TB! copy all
>> messages to a local archive folder? That way, you could have the local
>> message store but still access all of your email from multiple devices
>> using a proper mail client. Or am I missing something?

TF> I could, but that's not how I work. I BCC all messages to myself.
TF> Different folks, different strokes.

Me too, from all IMAP devices...

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