Hello David,

On Fri, 1 May 2020 15:27:28 +0100 GMT (01-May-20, 21:27 +0700 GMT),
David Elliott wrote:

> Hello Hive Mind,

> I am having problems with my backup.
> I was on the last of version 6 and I started getting these errors.
> As I am moving to a new computer I thought I would first upgrade to
> the latest version, then transfer it across.

> I have three folders in different accounts all giving these errors.
> Problem is that I don't have a .TBI of a .EBI file.

> Any idea what I can do so I can get a backup done?

> Screen shot of error

The screenshot did not come through. Can you upload it, or can you
tell us what it said?

> Directory listing



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