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On Sat, 2 May 2020 12:07:49 +0100 GMT (02-May-20, 18:07 +0700 GMT),
David Elliott wrote:

>>> I am having problems with my backup.
>>> I was on the last of version 6 and I started getting these errors.
>>> As I am moving to a new computer I thought I would first upgrade to
>>> the latest version, then transfer it across.

>>> I have three folders in different accounts all giving these errors.
>>> Problem is that I don't have a .TBI of a .EBI file.

>>> Any idea what I can do so I can get a backup done?

>>> Screen shot of error

>> The screenshot did not come through. Can you upload it, or can you
>> tell us what it said?

> :(

> Text of the error.

> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 8<
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> An Error occurred whilst storing data of the folder
> \\Elliott\Inbox

> It is possible that the message base index file is damaged - try to delete
> the index file (.TBI/.EBI) and re-read the folder, then try to backup again
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 8<
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Noted, this tells me something.

>>> Directory listing

> included a snip of the directory listing
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 8<
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> 25/04/2020  20:00           267,680 ACCOUNT.~FLB

This is not the directory you want to look in. This is the accoount
directory, under that you have subdirectories named the same as the
folders in your account. If you have not created any new folders, you
will find only the standard folders Inbox, Send, Trash (maybe one or
two others, I forgot).

So, if you have not created any folders, go to the directory Inbox.
Here you will find two files: messages.tbb and messages.tbi. It is the
latter that you want to delete while TheBat is closed. Reopen TheBat
and the index is recreated when you go to that folder in TheBat (may
take a couple of seconds if there are a lot of messages in there).

If you have created folders within TheBat and the error occurs when
yoou try to open one of them, you will find a directory with the same
name under your account directory. Delete the messages.tbi file in the
appropriate subdirectory while TheBat is closed.

Note: messages.tbb is your message base. If you delete that, you have
deleted all your messages. messages.tbi is the index file. This is
tthe file taht seems ot be correupted. If TheBat does not find an
index file when the folder is opened, it will create one from scratch.
This file contains the flags, such as "flagged", "deleted", "parked"
and so on. Therefore, previously deleted messages will show up again,
unless you compacted the folder after you had deleted them.



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