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On Saturday, May 9, 2020 you wrote:

MP> On 09 May 2020 at 15:34 Jack S. LaRosa wrote and made these points

MP> ... <snip>
AS>>> Please refer to the screenshot attached.

JSL>> TB! won't allow screenshots or any photo for that matter. I've always 
assumed it
JSL>> was for security reasons but I don't know for sure. I think some people 
JSL>> used links to Dropbox before but that's risky as well.

MP> Here's a screen shot. Let's see if it works.

MP> The  constraint  is message size. I massaged this image, shrunk it and
MP> lowered jpg quality to 50% to make it small enough to be attachable on
MP> this list.

Hi Marck, the following is an email you sent me several years ago. Still valid?

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Dear Jack,

@18-Nov-2017, 9:14  -0600  (19-Nov 05:19 here) Jack S. LaRosa [JSL]
in mid:1683949350.20171118231...@charter.net said to MFPA:  

LG>>>> I'm not sure we can add attachments, but maybe it would be okay
... <snip>

It would.

>>> I've uploaded pics to Dropbox and sent people links to the pics
>>> before. Not sure if even that is acceptable.

It is.

M>> I have never noticed anybody getting "trouted" when they posted links
M>> to screenshots. So it has been accepted, which I guess means it is 
M>> acceptable.

JSL> Thanks M. I'll see what happens.

Here's the lore:

Attachments (inc screen-shots) are perfectly acceptable (although HTML
messages  are  frowned upon because they invariably double the size of
any simple message and our transmission facilities are provided FOC by
a generous host, on whose generosity I /know/ none of us would wish to


There  are  limits  to the size of permitted attachments. 25k on TBUDL
and  75k  on TBBETA. If your screen-shot is small enough, attach it by
all  means.  You  can  even chance it. The worst that can happen is an
automated rejection from the Mailman server.

I hope that clarifies things.

Cheers -- Marck D Pearlstone -- List moderator and fellow end user TB! 
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