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> * Increase size limits for attachments.

Sounds sensible.

> * Remove or, at very least, update "current version"
> footer.

I would vote to keep a footer informing of the current version and 
linking to info about the other TB* mailing lists. I think the FAQ 
linked from that info page has not been updated since I first started 
using TB! over 15 years ago.

> * Consider merging TDUDL/TBBETA into one.

Would that lead to more help for ordinary users' TB! issues? Or would
their messages simply get lost among all the beta testers' messages?
It would certainly be massively increased traffic compared to the
current TBUDL, and most TBBETA traffic is likely not relevant to the
needs of most current TBUDL users.

> * Move mailing lists homepage to a separate domain.

Why do they need their own domain? They are perfectly fine where Marck
currently hosts them at silverstones.com. And many mailing lists are
perfectly fine at one of the mailing list hosts such as groups.io, 

> * Modernise lists website, enable HTTPs.

Silverstones.com does have HTTPS, with a self-signed certificate.

> * Collate available TheBat! documentation / FAQs / Tips.

I thought that had been done a few years back at something called The 
Bat User Documentation Project (TBUDP) but I can't find a link at the 

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