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> Would that lead to more help for ordinary users' TB! issues? Or would
> their messages simply get lost among all the beta testers' messages?
> It would certainly be massively increased traffic compared to the
> current TBUDL, and most TBBETA traffic is likely not relevant to the
> needs of most current TBUDL users.

Fair point. I was looking at this from the viewpoint of current traffic
levels which are rather low.

> Why do they need their own domain?

They don't _need_ own domain, this is from the "improvement" category.

> They are perfectly fine where Marck currently hosts them at
> silverstones.com.

What if Marck is being hit by the car and server lease is not renewed?
Same goes for domain name, etc.

> And many mailing lists are perfectly fine at one of the mailing list
> hosts such as groups.io, etc.

- "your own domain" is a $200/month option.


> Silverstones.com does have HTTPS, with a self-signed certificate.

Which defies its purpose... How about LetsEncrypt that is free and easy
to deploy?

> I thought that had been done a few years back at something called The 
> Bat User Documentation Project (TBUDP) but I can't find a link at the 
> moment.

Good examples:
- Claws: https://www.claws-mail.org/faq/index.php/Main_Page
- Thunderbird: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/products/thunderbird


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