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Marck Pearlstone wrote:

AS>> Things that come to mind, in no particular order:

AS>> * Increase size limits for attachments.

> TBBETA has a 75kb limit and TBUDL 25kb.

> I suggest 150 for TBBETA and 100 for TBUDL. Thoughts?

Let's try this.

AS>> * Remove or, at very least, update "current version" footer.

> I  will  take  back  control  (where  have  I  heard  that before?) of
> maintenance for this number.

Thank you!

AS>> * Consider merging TDUDL/TBBETA into one.

> That's  a  very large "NO". There are 2 distinct audiences - those who
> test  new  features  and  those who want help with the current release
> version as end users.

I totally agree. Let's leave the lists separate.

AS>> * Collate available TheBat! documentation / FAQs / Tips.
AS>> * etc.

> That's  something  I did very enthusiastically back at the start. They
> have  not  been  maintained  and  over  the years have become somewhat
> dated.

It's a lot of work, and I believe Ritlabs can outsource it if tyhey
don't have the manpower. I do think it would help them increase sales,
so that will be money well spent for them. So, we can put it on the

Just MHO.



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