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Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 7:41:55 AM, you wrote:

> Type in the "from" field of the message editor.

As indicated in the 1st message, this is what I do now.

> One way is to set up "accounts" in The Bat! for the most-used sending
> addresses.

Appreciate the idea, but the 1st sentence of my message was: "How can I
change 'From' field under a single account?"

> When you redirect a message, the From address is still the original
> sender. You may find your outgoing mail server doesn't accept
> redirected messages. 

Thank you for highlighting the difference, it is an important concept.

> If the From address is changed to your address, you are forwarding the
> message instead of redirecting it.

True. Shall adjust my forward template(s) then.


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