Hello Julian, you wrote:

>> I've noticed that TB is not exiting properly when I hit the x. Whenever I
>> do and later try to start TB again, I am told there is still and instance
>> running and have to end task in the Task manager, before I can start the
>> program again.

> It is a long standing problem. I was supposed to have been fixed in TB!
> v9.x but I still have the same issue. It also means that TB! automatically
> starts with Windows, whether or not I want it to.

Not sure it's helpful to note, but just for the record, I've not been
experiencing either of these issues with TB v9.x and Windows 10.

In the past (with older versions of TB and Windows), I've *only very
occasionally* seen the shutdown/task management issue, but haven't seen it
for a long time, and certainly not since using v9.x on a new computer
(moving to new computer is very recent).

I've also *never* seen the "starts with Windows" issue with any version of
TB and/or Windows (never selected that option either -- ever since TB v1.x).

I suppose the only potentially useful aspect of mentioning my past and
current experiences is that these issues don't seem to happen consistently,
and I have no idea why/why not.


Using The Bat! 9.1.18
OS: Windows 10.0 Build 18363

Current version is 9.1.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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