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M> Hi

M> On Monday 8 June 2020 at 3:50:55 PM, in
M> <mid:804026265.20200608095...@charter.net>, Jack S. LaRosa wrote:-

>> FWIW, the link you posted takes me to the PCWIZE.COM
>> WELCOME screen.  

M> That's right. The title now just says "Welcome to" without
M> "Roguemoticons" on the end; most of the page is still the same.
M> Probably better to look at one of the snapshots archived at Way Back
M> Machine.
M> https://web.archive.org/web/20160403233201/http://pcwize.com/thebat/

M> A few of us on this list are still using an X-Rogue: header

M>   Marck Pearlstone
M>   Mark Partous
M>   MAU
M>   MFPA (me!)
M>   Peter Meyns
M>   Thomas Fernandez

M> But I'm not convinced that it still does anything.

So you're no longer getting the "internal server error"?

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