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Hi Jack,

On 6/21/2020 Jack S. LaRosa wrote:

TF>> On Sat, 20 Jun 2020 17:51:34 -0500 GMT (21-Jun-20, 5:51 +0700 GMT),
TF>> Jack S. LaRosa wrote:

>>> I've just noticed that the font in my account tree has been changed. No 
>>> idea how
>>> it might have happened but would like to change it back to what it was. 
>>> Anybody
>>> know how to do that?

TF>> Go to: Options / Preferences / Message List / Fonts.

TF>> Over here, it says Segoe UI, which is the orginal font set by Ritlabs.
TF>> Maybe this got changed unintentionally with an unknown keyboard shortcut.

JSL> When I follow your path I see that mine also shows Segoe UI and I learned 
JSL> no matter what you change that font to, nothing changes in the account 
tree AND
JSL> when you go back you find that Segoe UI is right back where it was before 
JSL> changed it. In other words, you can't change it. I just love TB!

JSL> The Bat! E-Mail Client by Ritlabs version 6.0.12
JSL> Windows 10 Home Build 9200

Changed  mine  to  Verdana when I was using version 6.. it is still that
way.   Apparently  you  have  something  interfering  with  saving  your

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