I have TB set up to download mail via POP and leave mail on the server for 180 
days.   (IMAP doesn't seem to play nicely with The Bat, and, in any event, for 
back-up purposes, I prefer to have my own copy of all e-mail so that it can 
then be backed up through my own back-up protocols.)    The reason for leaving 
mail on the server is to enable another computer, which is used more as a 
backup and is not used as frequently, to be able to download mail from the same 
accounts.  It also ensures that the mail is available for the cell phone.  For 
nearly 15 years this has worked just fine.  Today, I am now experiencing a 
situation in which TB is now attempting to download all ~4000 messages 
currently on the server and not just the new messages, of which there are are 
only less than a dozen.  (I have stopped the process before it downloads more 
than a few dozen, each time I try.)   This just started happening today. Last 
night the download process was working properly.

What is curious is that this only happens with one of three accounts that I 
have on the same server/webmail mail host.    These are NOT gmail accounts.   
However, as an aside, I do not have this problem with any of the gmail accounts 
that I also have.     

What is causing this problem and how can I fix it?  Sure, I can download all 
4000 messages and remove the duplicates, but (a) that takes time and (b) if the 
problem recurs I really need to known how to solve the problem

I notice on the toolbar, under "Account," there is a command:  "dispatch mail 
on server," and then there is a choice for either  "new messages" (ctrl + F2) 
or "all messages."   (shift+ctrl+F2).   Is it possible that this is the source 
of the problem and that I unwittingly pressed "shift+ctrl+F2" at some point?    
Would merely pressing (ctrl+F2) fix this problem?


Avram Sacks, using The Bat! Pro ver. 9.1.18 on Win 7 Pro 

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