Hello TBUDL'ers,

I received an email (on my PC) from "CHARTER <surn...@charter.net". I had no 
idea from
whence it had come until I did a fetch of email from my iPhone. On the iPhone
the FROM field showed the correct address to be: "full n...@charter.net".

I tried every search I could think of on my address book and nothing ever came
up. Having learned the actual address from the iPhone I started a blank email
and typed the first couple of letters of the person's name and TB supplied me
with two suggestions. One of those was the mystery address, the other was the
actual address.

Where might I look for this mysterious address? Ideas anyone?

Jack LaRosa

Using TB! 6.0.12
OS: Win 10 v6 Build: 9200

Current version is 9.1.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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