Hello MFPA,

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020 you wrote:

M> Hi

M> On Wednesday 12 August 2020 at 10:05:15 PM, in
M> <mid:1883499555.20200812160...@charter.net>, Jack S. LaRosa wrote:-

>> Where might I look for this mysterious address? Ideas
>> anyone?  

M> Probably just came from the message you received.

M> Try looking at Options | Preferences | Address History for some ideas 
M> where to look.

M> Also see Options | Preferences | Message Headers, select To or CC or 
M> BCC, then the Editing tab.

Good suggestions M. I may have *fixed* it by specifying suggestions come only
from my Default Address Book and nothing else. I can no longer replicate the
*suggestion* in a new email as before. I'll have to wait to see if it happens
again on an incoming email from him.

Many thanks (again).

Central Alabama USA

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