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> Hello Luca,
> Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 7:49:47 PM, you wrote:
> > Unfortunately I don't have a backup file made from inside TB, but I have a
> > full copy of my previous The Bat! folder. After a Windows 10 restore, I need
> > to reinstall TB. How can I fully recover my previous installation? 

> Once you point to a copy of your mail folder on the first run of The Bat! 
> you should be prompted with a list of the accounts found in the folder, so 
> just select the accounts you wish to work with and that's it :-)

Thanx. It has been even simpler than that, I made a couple of attempts and I
can't remember the exact steps. I run the setup selecting the previous folder
and setting the same encription password, then it let me choose the main mail
folder, after that all came back. It seems that I lost just a few
configuration details, nothing important.

Windows 10 Professional 64
The Bat! Professional Edition 9.2.1 (OTFE) 

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